About Us

Fantom Fest is an event run by a group of people who have a passion for TV shows! In a sense, we were created by fans for fans! So far, we have had two successful online conventions that were fun get-togethers with gaming schedules. Now we have had our first successful event with guests. Fantom Fest is a time to bond as a community and have fun.


We have secured guests and are now expanding out of just our fandom. We are wanting to continue to grow as a convention, and continue to give other fans a better experience.

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We are a not-for-profit convention. What does that mean?

Only the guest cost, zoom cost, insurance cost etc are covered by ticketing and excess would be donated to charities. Our team is compromised of volunteers working hard to make each convention better than the last.

Our first two conventions were free, but we were accepting donations. Those donations were split between The Cameron Boyce Foundation and The Dyslexia Foundation. These would be a couple of the charities we would continue to support.

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