Terms and Conditions


These general terms and conditions apply to all commercial transactions within the website fantomfest.org (hereinafter the Website), and are applicable to Fantom Festival Conventions. The domain is owned by Fantom Festival Conventions, LLC.

Fantom Fest. Conventions LLC will make every effort within its means to ensure that the information in the Website regarding prices, promotions and service conditions is accurate and correct and without error. Should any errors occur, which are beyond the control of Fantom Festival Conventions, it would be immediately corrected, and if a customer made a purchase decision based on said error, Fantom Festival Conventions would inform the customer of said mistake and the customer would have the right to cancel the order at no cost to themselves.

Terms and conditions of Fantom Festival Conventions referred to herein as (”Fantom Festival Conventions”)


1.1 “Fantom Festival Conventions” terms and conditions of sales are such that there is no right to refund for any products for any reason except in the case of total cancellation of the event. 

1.2 Talent may cancel their presence at the event for professional reasons. We will offer the option of exchanging your extras for an alternate guest, a voucher in the exact amount of purchase price, or a refund. 

1.4 “Fantom Festival Conventions” reserves the right to modify the schedules of any activity as well as the modification or the addition of new products if the circumstances so require.

1.5 “Fantom Festival Conventions” has the unequivocal right to refuse access to the event, without possibility of refund, to any participant who does not respect the guests, the members of “Fantom Fest” team as well as the general public. This right is extended to include unlawful publishing of screenshots or videos during the event.

1.6 All participants under the age of 16 must have an adult purchase their extras.

1.7 “Fantom Festival Conventions” assumes no responsibility for any comments or actions taken by the guests or staff members who act on their own initiative.

1.8 Any form of disruptive or inappropriate behavior that makes the talent uncomfortable will result in the immediate removal from the event.

1.9 Guests can refuse to sign any personalization that they consider offensive or aggressive in any form. Personalization request must be sent to courtney.fantomfest@gmail.com

1.20  Any issues with any activities must be raised formally by email within 24 hours of the event date to fantomfestivalconventions@gmail.com with details of the activity and exact issue and what recourse is requested. A response will be issued within 2 days. If issues are not raised within this timescale and in this manner then they will not be accepted or investigated.

2 Products Order

2.1 The pass being nominative, no refund will be possible if the buyer can no longer participate in the event, except for reasons discussed in 1.1 and 1.2. 

2.2 We will offer the option of exchanging your extras for an alternate guest, requesting a voucher for purchase price, or total refund in the event of a guest needing to cancel.

2.3 All autographs or purchases of a signed item cannot be mailed if shipping has not been paid for. 

2.4 All personalized video recordings will be completed within 2 months of the event, with consideration. We will keep you apprised of the situation, and in constant contact with the talent. We will update our social accounts with information regarding timelines as we have them. Please allow for up to 2 months for us to receive the items, and then one more month for dissemination.

2.5 Autographs and Videos are allowed personalization by emailing courtney.fantomfest@gmail.com, but it is up to the sole discretion of the talent to complete your request.

2.6 All extras will be completed in the Zoom application. We recommend ensuring you have all technical requirements for the application completed ahead of time. If you miss an extra due to technical issues, we will do everything in our power to ensure you access to your purchased extra once it is fixed, but this is not guaranteed. Please email fantomfestivalconventions@gmail.com OR reach out via social media DMs in case you lose internet during your time slot. Duplicating your requests takes more time!

2.7 The name on your purchased ticket MUST be the same name as your Zoom name. We cannot guarantee you access to the event if your name is different. No refunds will be given if you did not complete an extra due to your name on Zoom. If you purchased an extra for a friend, please email fantomfestivalconventions@gmail.com to change the name on the ticket to ensure they get access to the event.

3 Payment Terms

We accept the following payment methods for the purchase of extras:

3.1 By debit card and credit card via the online ticketing site, through any payment means offered. Note that a service fee and tax will be charged for the processing of payment by credit card.

The following apply to ALL events:

Audio and video recording and photography is strictly prohibited. This is a contractual obligation and is non-negotiable. Certain guests will allow the purchase of 1:1 or 3:1 chats. This is to the sole discretion of the contracted guests and not guaranteed for all guests. It will be clearly stated in the guest’s announcement. 

Attendees must respect guests’ boundaries. Strictly personal questions will not be tolerated. During panels and meetings, all questions will be screened by event staff. All events are moderated to ensure the best experience for both guests and attendees. Moderators will be in charge of removing the attendee from the convention if this clause is not fulfilled, without refunds. 

All events will be held in English primarily. If another language is needed, please reach out to fantomfestivalconventions@gmail.com and we will attempt to make arrangements for you. This is not guaranteed, but we will do what we can to accommodate other languages.

Only one person may be on screen, unless the second person has a ticket to the event as well, or it is a person under the age of

13. You may switch but at no point both of you are to be shown on screen at the same time, as this will result in your immediate exclusion from the activity, and the event.

If you are in a panel or chat that is running past schedule and you are scheduled for another event at the same time, please kindly reach out to the meeting’s host via chat, via social media or via e-mail and await instructions.

If another extra collides with another activity slot, you may leave the waiting room and come back, as long as you haven’t joined the actual meeting yet (i.e. met the guest you’ve booked the extra with). Please be aware that you will only be able to come back if the extra is still ongoing by the time you return. If that spot session is over email us to make further arrangements.

If you accept the host’s invitation to join the video chat, please be aware that both your video and audio will be recorded for legal use only. For all remaining activities the recording is in place to ensure you will receive a nice capture of it for all extras that include a screenshot of your moments with the guests (if not stated otherwise in the announcements of guests).

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